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SAP Business Technology Platform Consulting

Are you looking for a job in SAP consulting?

We look for and encourage curious colleagues who are enthusiastic about technology.

The application process

The application process at Consolvis takes place in several steps. Here’s what you can expect when you apply:


Examination of the curriculum vitae

Our recruiting team has ten business days to review your resume. Make sure you clearly outline your skills and show the technologies/tools you have experience with. Being specific is critical.

HR Interview

This section takes about 45 minutes. We will talk about your previous experience and your motivation to join us by means of a video interview - inform yourself! We also check the culture match, which is important for us.


This step is optional and depends on the role you are applying for. For example, programmers must pass the Codility test.

Technical interview

The technical interview usually lasts about one and a half hours. A technical recruiter will dive deep into your experience and skills to determine if you are the right fit for the job. Be prepared to talk about how you overcame challenges in previous positions and give examples of projects you worked on.

Final interview

The last phase lasts about 45 minutes. This usually takes place with the department head and is much less technical. We want to find out your motivation and future career plans, and tell you a little more about our teams and our future strategic plans.

Consolvis believes in a future where technology is used to simplify and automate everyday business processes.

How we work

We work in project teams led by qualified and experienced project managers. Teams can choose which technologies they use for specific projects. We place great emphasis on autonomy and give individuals the freedom to choose their working methods. We work with agile methodologies.

As an organization, we use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to plan and track our business and team goals. This method was developed at Intel and is used by many top companies, including Google. At Consolvis, we set our OKRs every quarter.

A wide range of benefits for every employee

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Promote your growth

We are passionate about professional development and about finding and making the most of our employees’ talents.

Having a say in decisions

We are agile. And agile teams are self-determined. Your opinion is very important for us! You are an important advisor for our business decisions.

Flexible home office arrangement

We understand that circumstances may require you to stay home. That’s why we offer a flexible home office arrangement and you don’t have to come into an office for no reason.

Coworking Space

We run a coworking space. There is delicious fair trade coffee. And you don’t just meet your colleagues in the office, but very different people from different industries.

Budget for joint events

Get to know your team better through activities and evenings out together, paid for by the company.

We use our technological knowledge to help others focus on what matters most and realize their visions.

Our values

At Consolvis, we have six core values that we adhere to in our daily work. They all relate to our mission of using technology to enable others to focus on what matters most and realize their visions.



We strive to achieve measurable results in the areas relevant to us, adapt to changing conditions, and constantly be an example of success.


We respect ourselves and others, we are open to many things and we enjoy our work.


For ourselves, others, the company, its values and our environment.


We give our employees the responsible freedom to choose how, when and where they work. We work based on mutual trust and without micromanagement.


Constant, never-ending technical, intellectual, social, emotional and financial evolution, both personally and professionally.


We strive to create unique value in the form of products, services, processes or design. We seek creative solutions to challenges.